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    Destination (EU): We will be on Gunnar's Hold (EU) on release

    Destination (US): At present we haven't had enough interest in organizing a mass grouping for US, but do feel free to pipe up on the thread if you want to do this. Either way you're all welcome to join the EU based guild. Equally I'm getting some fairly positive reports that lag cross region isn't that bad so feel free to join us

    Focus: Casual / Social PvX guild.

    Recruitment: We're open to all followers of RPS
    If you're looking for a super organized, high activity guild you're in the wrong place. If you want to play at your own pace and just have a good time with a decent community then welcome aboard

    For reference the age of members generally skews to 25+. Young folk: we're happy for you to join if you feel you can behave in a respectful and mature manner, but otherwise you may be best served looking elsewhere.

    Rules: We are governed by the one principal rule of RPS -

    "Be excellent to each other."

    This means both fellow guild members and the wider community. Insulting people and general douche-baggery will not be tolerated.

    Seen an RPS member behaving poorly in GW2? Feel free to PM me here or add me on Steam to discuss ( ). Remember though that screenshots/proof will be needed.

    Voice comms: Mumble (RPS members / friends of only please)
    Port: 13237
    Password: the name of RPS's ursine lord (all lower case). Hint it begins with an h

    Other Contact Points:
    Our steam community page is open to all:
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