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    So my next build

    POINTLESS TO READ AS THERE WAS A COCK UP IN THE CASH. But I guess you can still see the build I was/am planning on doing

    So I've taken peoples advice and gone for the i5 2500k and plan on OCing the nuts off it!
    but the circumstances have changed. I've managed to get some money into my bank account and have 750 to spend on a complete rebuild.

    So this is what I have done.

    I'm just really asking you guys if the stuff I have selected is a good enough choice really because I know that you guys have a better experience in building machines.

    The reason why I have a 450 GT and no hard drives is because I'm going to take them away from my current rig (and run SLI) and the 500 gb main disk and the 320 for storage/backup.

    Cheers in advance,

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