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    Rock Paper Shotcast Episode 3 loose transcript

    I know a few people have asked for a written transcript of the shotcasts in the past, and because I don't do anything else while listening to them besides staring blankly at the screen, I thought I would challenge myself to see how well I could transcribe while listening. I paused regularly, but didn't really go back but once or twice.

    Let's just say, 60 words per minute I ain't. I apologize in advance. What I have written is not usually what they said, and half the time, not even what they meant. But since I went and made the transcript, I thought I might as well post it, in it's unedited form. Also, J=Jim Rossignol, W=John Walker, A=Alec Meer, and S=Adam Smith.

    Here it is:


    We actually need a theme tune
    No we donít
    A: You could do your famous farty noise with your hands
    J: *Farty noise with hands*
    W: Podcast!
    *All talking at once*
    W: JHim shush!
    J: Iíve been playing more games in ana attempt ot have something ot play talk in the podcast
    A: Do you feel more news this week?
    J: More news this week
    A: High DRM news this week
    J: Lots of news. Death road announced . . blah blah lah
    A: Youíre just raeding the news from the front page arenít you
    J: Yes, but thatís where all the news is
    J: There is this new scheme about chopping a game up into levels and selling the levels indivicually. . . .If a game turns into crap, you donít have to pay for those levels. And funny things is, the game does turn into crap near the end.
    A: But how do you know it aturns to crap?
    S: I rarely finish games, actually
    J: Youíre a terrible journalist
    S: I know. I Ďd rather have something tighter that I can get thorugh. But having said that, I plya these massive strategy games. But Iím all for this splitting up of games and palying for bits, as long as I know there is a definite volume of games
    A: Yeah, as opposed tot a MMO
    W: Iím really too shocked to say anything
    A; Talk of paying 15p for paying for playing a boss fight, people were talking about wanting to skip that.
    J: Yeah, there were people bringing up theboss fights ind Deus EX: HR and how they would have loved to skip the boss fights there.
    A; That gamuys form Ars Techinica wrote that article defending those ffights and then Eidos released that apology.
    J: Sometimes people are objectively wrong
    A: and Sometimes us
    .. . . . Some drunk guy makes a faux paux
    J: He is Gameís finest villain and totally playing the part.
    S: IN most MMO it doesnít allow you to play the total villain, so he is really doing quite well
    J: Yeah , and most MMO worlds are highly fragmented into separate servers
    A: Canít really be a villain in WOW because if you go and trash the marketplace it will reset in half an hour
    W: Can you say trash again, that was quite enjoyable
    A: Trash! What was it too American?
    W: No, it was quite enjoyable Really, the emphasis was great
    A: |Itís the Adam and Joe argument again, the trans-ocean thing Again
    *Jim and Walker start at the same time*
    W: Jim you are the worst, you did it again!
    J: You are the worst. Legends of Gr4imlock is very interesting, you talk about
    A:A letís not let Johan talk about anything his podcast because thatís his favorite thing
    W: Iím going to ban Alec for 30 days from RPS
    A: WOO!
    W: Well, and myself
    W: Some cguy has heroicially coded Dungeon Masters from six months of works. I Think thatís way the Grimlock guys are ont too something with their new upgraded grphaicsy type
    A: Have you posted that yet?
    W: NO, not sure if it is entirely legal yet
    A: Well post it, let them decide form themselves.
    W: And the sequal was im possi8bly hard, I remember not being able to get past the first twelve minutes
    A: That was back when you were younger
    W: Yeah, our tolerance was much greater back then: I remember being stuck fro three days!
    A: Yeah
    W: Iím not willing ota be stuck. The game has aflaw in it If I get stuck
    J: How much of Grimlock have you played?
    W|: Iíve played auite a lot, but theyíve asked us not to talk to much about it. Lone thing aobut it is that you can turn automap, and once you turn it off, you canít turn it back on it again,k you have to use maps agina. And they even provide you with itís own graph paper.
    A: Wow
    W: One thing I Ď;ve realized. I have no sense of direction, I goet lost going up the stairs. But put me in Grimplock, and I have no problem
    S: I rmember all those textyures are the same
    W: yeah, thaít part of it.
    S: Do you still get hurt wlaking into w2alls?
    W; No, they took that part out
    S: I remember as a child being abso9lutely frightene3d about that, that If I walked into a wall in real life, there would be all thois bloode coming out my nose.
    A: Oo, this is ammuniotn. I:Our own adam smith is afraid of walls. IN grimlock are the dugndoeons predetermined or randomly generated?
    W: Predetermined. It is very much puzzle based
    A: Maybe all that practice from dungeon master is coming back to you?
    W: But Iím still using automap, becuae otherwise I would be stuck in a corner crying within minutes. But enough about the game whose review is embargoes, let leave me something to say in the actually review.
    J: My turn, my turn!
    A: alirght
    J: Iíve been playing gunpoint by Tom Francis
    W: I hate Tom Francis
    J: Itís really good.
    Al: it looks amazing. evy tiem I see av video of it I want ot paly it immediately
    J: I should say that I know Tom from PC GAMER, but you could see Tomís influcnecs in it totatlly. Platfrom + dues ex +unforgiveable platforming. The combinat is really good, uszing puzzles to sovles stuff. ANde Tomís inate sillyness. There is always a sindow to throuw yourself aout of at the end.
    S: Thatís something that got me to:. The Comeedy of diving out windows and pummeling opeopls
    A: I heard youíre married to him , JHohn
    W: He owns my wifre
    J: Becuzas itís not finished yet, the in game tutuorial is actually him talking to you from the game tutuorial from IGF, so itís set up like a conversation tree explaingin all the fl,aws in the unfihsined build
    W: the best thigns about tome entering this int the IGF, everyone got a blackberry tablet, so anyone remember that?
    A: yes those wre the trablest which didnít have email
    W: EYah! so now Tom has five of them
    W: All these gacsfascts on the screen about how populatr talbest were fro gaming
    J: I waonder if ther was even a blackberry game on it?
    A; Yeah, a lot of the mbloie games , if they werenít for Apple, bpeople talking about needing to be sent that phone tot be able to paly it
    W: definitely so low level corruption going on
    J: Anything else going on? Adam, you been playing anything?
    S: Iíve been playing lones of iver, which I absolutely adored. Not one of those games I thought you gusy swould be interested in, donít know hyoid you like horror gmaes, but I adore them. But Lone surviovor doesnít try to scare you, it just tryes to tell you a sotroy, a very dark and bueatfuil story. The music is fanstatasic the whole way thorugh, such a big part of the game, I mentioned Silent hill in the review,. Itís very Lynchinan as well, I know I thoerw around so many things, but it genuinely is.
    J: It has a cat-baed subpot to, right?
    S: Itdoesn! It was actually put in after my reviewserís gcopyu/. The maker was worried it twas too endle3ssly bleak, so he put htat in the gie some hope into thegmae.
    J: But when you read about how happy a cat is to kii8ll something, it just adds all theat darkness aback into thageas.
    S: But wahat else have I pebeen paying? That whack-u-et games, that you gusys have been playing. Itís actually been really tnertainging. The deom was borning, but this has definitely improved.
    A: Iíve been play8ing Rayonman: Oranges as I can;ít help but call it.
    W: EYAH!
    AS: Iíll probably call it when I write the review, and the readerís will shout at me
    A: very much athe antithesis of Super meat boy, but now thatí part is coming in, getting pixle perfect timing.
    J: John you are rubbish
    W: How is ist hattavery time I Speak, you speak? Hang up on Jim hang up on Jim
    J: we should have little cards in our video that say Iívm about to speak and hold them up
    W; can you bring yourself tot play anyone else besides Ryoman would you play rayman?
    A; I actually afavor this blue guy with big floppy arms. Never idd like the way rayoman looked, happy to play on e of the other gmuys.
    S: Iím crap at platformers. Iím actually crap at most games, as well as being frightebned of walls. Write aobut games for aliving, but paly them for fun
    A: But itís kinda like playing in the olypoics, I try all the venests, but end up drowning
    J: I find myself very patchy with platform games, if they arernít nice to me withing the first hour I quit immediately..
    A: What about super-meat boy? IS that nice to you? IT restarts soo quickly?
    J: A bit of both (nice andevil) I do feel very ropuiid when I beat a hard lkevle, but it is usually just like a Mario about just complwetely level is just to continue on the next.

    S: something to do with mastering the skill, and mastering the skill that platfromjiner needs. And exhibing the mastery of that particularly game , and grinding onut the practice neede. About the previous Mario games is just figuring out hwo the game works, no skill needed.
    A: Super meat boy just feels aobut mastering the same skils again and again, Mario every level is a new thing threw out a t you.
    J : Given the low elvel of functionalli8ty we normally operate, that is a good thing
    Have you been playing any6thign else, John?
    W: no, Iíve been so busy palying Iíve havenít ahd time to sleep.
    J: Youíre so lazy.
    W: Iíve been playing a bit of drawcpetion
    A; oh, we broke that didnít we?
    S: yeah, we did. I kinda felt ab it proud of that, kinda like playing Godzilla or notch
    J: or notch, this is how it feels to be notch
    W: Iíd treied paly8ing some Adamís adventure, but it was awfeul
    A: Adam should be playing hat
    S: Yeah, But it did look afweful
    W: But at the ihigest resoultionj, it still oookoed awful. Getting luedcirous amount s of TNT needed to form dynamite needto to blow up the walls.
    S: Thatís How I get out of bed in the morning.
    J: This is why we doonít let you speak John, because youíre so aweful insulting your colleaguesí life, Thaít adamís life, just so rude
    W: I undersand that now
    S: Am I your lesast favorite person in the games industry
    WL: NO yes no yes!\
    S: I got sacked last week for singing oasis
    W: Does someone have amoke alarm in the backgournd that is going off every thirty seconds?
    A: maybe itís in your house?
    W: No, itís coiming fromv insdie my headhphones
    A: So maybe thereís a mouse in yoru ears
    W: Also the abattery for our smoke alarm is sitting on top of our smoke alarm
    A: Thatís good, so maybe youíll die in a fiure?
    W: Yes, thatís so, as one reader of RPS once wiswhed that I did.

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    Blimey, that's a lot of letters.

    Maybe you should put it in the comment section on the main page since that's where most people ask for it.
    The ting say there be bad guys, I hope it right.

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    Ah, good idea. I'll add a link up.

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