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Really not seeing it though. You still have to cycle through each member, you still have to click to tell them where to go. Having a pause button to stop action to do all this isn't going to make the process that much, if at all, shorter.
No... it's not going to make the process shorter FOR YOU. Whether it's paused or not, you'll still have to do all that clicking and moving the mouse etc.

But, and call me crazy here, I don't think the pause function is to make the process shorter FOR YOU, but instead to make the process more synchronised (and shorter) for your team/squad. If the game is NOT paused and you start giving out the orders, by the time you get to the 4th guy, the 1st guy is already in position (and might possibly be in the fight etc). If you CAN pause the game to give out orders, because it's paused when you give the order to the 4th guy, the 1st guy is still standing, waiting for the game to be unpaused, so they can go and do what's been asked. You want that pause ability, if you want to try and synchronise people... otherwise you give an order to 1 and they start doing it immediately (because the game isn't paused).

You should read Drake's example again, if you don't see the difference between the two.