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I don't decry them for trying, I just say it's been done, it's not a big deal, and ultimately it's a pointless feature that only serves as something to put on the "game features list". I mean honestly, I'm all for allowing people to play RPGs hovewer they want, but the amount of players who do "kill everything on sight" runs is so small it's more effort than it's worth.

And as for them trying to make it more than that... nobody said that, as far as I see here.
Its important because you impose your way of experiencing a story if you just bind people to linear stuff. And as said before: the entire world changes differently depending on what you do or dont do. Essentially, they are willing to put in content for everyone to discover or ignore as they please. Of course, the ultimate expression of that would be to make everything random and generated every time, but I am a great fan of just making a huge amount of content, and just point a player in a random direction for them to enjoy.