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    Looking For Help Scratching A Very Specific Itch

    So I was playing Age of Empires II HD with a friend last night, and I realized that the part I love the most about age of empires is the resource gathering and building, not so much the combat. I was wondering if anyone knows of a game with similar vibe to AOE, but focuses more on building, and has a larger gametime similar to more classic CIV games, but is also an rts. Suggestions?

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    Well, have you played Empire Earth or Rise of Nations? Because those are pretty much exactly what you describe.
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    I forgot to mention, I was looking for something similar to how gnomoria functions, but with the ability to directly control units.

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    2/3 of what you want, but the Stronghold series usually (ie Stronghold 2 has it) has a peace/building mode option. In fact, at least Stronghold 2 has a whole seperate economy/building based campaign.

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    Both are good suggestions, but I'm looking for more of a game with more of a persistent world than the match to match fare these games have. Think more dwarf fortress and, for some reason my mind is saying black and white than rise of nations and age of empires.

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    Maybe one of the Settlers or Anno games? They're more focused on resource chains and logistics, and games from both series are in the current GOG sale.

    Stronghold also has freeplay modes where you can just farm and build your castle before triggering invasions.

    Factorio and RimWorld are interesting build & defend sandbox games (both early access, but fairly mature), but not really RTS-like.

    Majesty is a unique take on building, collecting, and management with indirect controls.

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    Settlers 2 10th Anniversary is that for me, soothing to listen to and watch,pretty sure it's on sale on GoG too.
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