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    An IceWind Dale (2?) Coop Run. Takers?

    I'll just go ahead and say we try our first attempt on this at Wednesday the 9th of May, at 8 BST/9 CET.

    Add me on Steam if you're interested and give me a quick shout. If more than 6 contact me I'll prefer those who came first in this thread but with some luck we'll be enough then to create a second party.

    Please get GameRanger set up to ensure working multiplayer. It's straightforward, only in rare cases you might need to forward ports.

    For communication purposes we're going to use the inofficial RPS Mumble server and the ingame chat. Mumble is a free VOIP client like Teamspeak. Connect to and the default port. Password if prompted is rumpus. Please use push-to-talk instead of voice activation, listening to you scolding your cat or eating cheetos isn't as delightful as it sounds.

    Game Version is v2.01 (101615) (start the game and check the options menu)

    Spreadsheet for classes 'n stuff.

    Old Post:
    Is anyone interested in doing this? 6 people would be awesome but of course we could split characters if we had less.

    And why IceWind Dale instead of BG?
    Well, less dialog, more fighting and someone to exchange small talk with while doing the more tedious parts of the game - what could go wrong?

    Personally I'd prefer doing IWD2 as its Multiplayer is supposed to run without much hassle using GameRanger.
    So far (10/12):
    The Doge
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