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    Anyone interested in a world of darkness Mux, rookies and veterans welcome?

    Yes! The post limit has been defeated after all too picky time and effort! I could deny i am a spambot, but my victory is all but assured. Also, Tvtropes, conspirators. Your life is theirs now. Now on to... interesting matters.

    Take this as a proposed solution: I simply want a tabletop roleplaying game in the near future at a decent time.

    I am new to this mux and the game, and you should go for them for questions as i describe, but I'd like to play with you lot, preferably in my timezone

    For those of you who aren't familiar, world of darkness is a world much like our own, except our nightmares are real, often in the worst ways. If you don't know what a Mux is, it's a text based format standing for multi-user experience and is a rather nice way of playing tabletop rpg's online. This one is called the reach, on which more information can be found here. The fictional (i think) setting in Dunlin's Reach, in Maine near the Mississippi, can be found here:, and a description of the world of darkness here...
    As for the nitty-gritty; you can play as a Changeling, one of The Changing Breeds, Geist, Hunter, Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, one of The Possessed, or Immortal, mortal, or Mortal+ a rather expansive list in comparison to others which i understand they're expanding. It's new world of darkness as you may have guessed, and has a sizeable player base, so why am i doing this? Well, firstly, I'd like to get a game with you lot, but more importantly, and the current major flaw, is the predominantly American player base and GM's, meaning that the time for GM run event's is usually in the wee hours in britain. Hence, if you are such and interested, particularly if you're a GM, i beg thee to learn the ropes and run a game. Neither shall you be alone; I've copied

    The steps to getting there in an easy manner, all being free and painless in the majority of cases, would be to first download SimpleMU, a small program for this stuff, and then to Google the reach mux, preferably on the mud connector, or use the site. It may not be painless if something to do with something, which happened to me on one computer, makes you unable to connect, but i doubt happens very often. Once there, you can sign in as a guest as they describe, and then use " preceding your sentences in the chat room you enter to ask questions, which I've prepared them for and they welcome.

    Tell me if you're interested, and here's a link to the bay12 thread: (vice versa(. The RPS mumble could come in very good use, incidentally.
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    Looks interesting! Always had a soft spot for world of darkness (although i am only really familiar with the masquarade), unfortunatly i wont have time for another table rpg at the moment but loom forward to seeing how you get on! I am running a RPS WFRP campaign, we use mumble for the chatting, drop box for hand outs etc, obsidian portal for a character/location/map wiki and Roll20 which is a really quite excellent vitual table top useful for fights/dice rollong etc. Anyway hope it all goes well!

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    I am not interested in the dark thene because it is a little depression in my eyes, I'm keen on Guild Wars 2, cheerful atmosphere filled with the whole Tyria world.

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    In principle I am very very interested in this. I've played quite a bit of (new) WoD over the past few years and have been trying to get some folks into a game here. Let me have a day or so to check out the site but I think it sounds really good. If you want to add me to your steam for a chat any time my ID is simply Naetharu.

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    There are quite a few nWoD MU* options out there for you to choose from depending on your cup of tea.

    Revelations MUX is a Mage: the Awakening game set in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's 2011 and the city is having issues: drug use is rampant, violent crimes are on the rise, and society stumbles over one scandal after another. Just when it seems things can't get any worse, the mages of Scotland face a rising crisis that threatens to end three centuries of peace and prosperity. Formidable supernatural defenses protecting the mystical heart of Britain are falling. Strange things lurk in the night: monsters no longer held in check by protective wards hunt down mortals and mages alike in the medieval streets. Restless dead stalk the city's ancient, haunted underground. Forgotten treasures are surfacing after centuries. The greatest magical prize in Europe is up for grabs. When mages go to war, no one wins.
    The urban paranormal theme is based on magic, mythology, and supernatural mysteries. The game draws on Celtic, Roman, Norse, and British folklore, and influences from the 'Supernatural' television series to Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere.' We warmly invite you to check us out.
    Port: 8888 or 1234

    Keep Austin Wyrd: Keep Austin Wyrd is a Changeling: the Lost and Second Sight game set in Austin, Texas in the modern day, with a focus on the city's rich urban legends. Criminals, debtors, and settlers scraped the Texan capital together out of deceit and dreams. Things haven't changed much under the festive and gaudy glamour of up-and-coming artists and technological visionaries. Gangs and cartels operate in this major drug trading hub, and crooked politicians look the other way at crime and corruption. The criminal underworld is happy to supply whatever vices the Texas congress, flush businessmen or desperate immigrants might need. In a sea of Bible Belt conservativism, Austin is a bastion of weird that attracts Changelings, psychics, and thaumaturges. The Lost claim the lone powerful trod safely traveling through the Hedge, backed by a small, growing Freehold of refugees. European, Hispanic and ancient Mesoamerican traditions collide in the unique magical subcultures, but the Sighted tread lightly for fear of reactions from the local Christian communities and enemies attracted by plentiful historical sites and victims.

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