Hello chaps!

As discussed I am keen to GM a new Warhammer Roleplay 2nd edition campaign, I haven't GM'ed before but I know the setting very well and understand the mechanics so should be able to muddle through!

The system is similar to Rogue Trader/Deathwatch with the percentile dice but obviously set in the grim and dark fantasy that is Warhammer. Perhaps the most significant difference (beside the setting) is that instead of classes you will have careers which offer skill sets, you can then move to different careers to earn their skills. Its similar but I think enjoyably different and some of the careers are brilliant.

I was thinking of running The Enemy Within, this is a campaign series from the first edition (but obviously I'll be using updated rules etc) which is apparently excellent, containing murder, mystery and many fun times.

So Elesium, Gorm, Egg, Liquorish and Harlander have all expressed interest in playing which would be a perfect group I think, if you've changed you're mind then no worries but let me know so I can find someone else.

We'll be playing over mumble as usual (anyone know where I can donate to the RPS mumble, I feel like I owe the operator some money for the amount I use it), I am experimenting with MapTool for maps and positioning in combat, it has some more advanced users but baby steps and all that, and I am toying with the idea of having a small wiki for characters/locations etc if the group thinks that would be useful?

So I'd like to set a game night, I am happy to change days when necessary but I think its useful to have an established day which can then be changed rather than finding a new day every week. Elesium has suggested Sunday nights which I think is a good idea, but what does everyone else think?

Finally characters! I am happy for everyone to pick a career or do it randomly, and am happy to run through it with anyone or let you do it yourselves if you prefer. Elesium has called a magic class but apart from that game on!

Let me know what you think or whether iv missed anything, if we get cracking maybe we could start next week but I am keen to get going, if you'd like to DM me an email address I'll send you all a zip with rule books, character sheets etc, I wont sell your details (unless offered lots of money).

Other RPS lovelies stay tuned! I am hoping to write up an after action report after each session which should make some fun reading knowing WFRP.