Point of order: I also pocketed the disarmed Bretonnian's pistol (living up to the stereotype) and have resolved to one day learn how to use it properly. However, seeing how they reacted to danger (even the fop was cool-headed and quick-thinking enough to try to distract the card sharp with blather, and they're positively eager to charge at beastmen and mutants) has made me rethink my attitude to them.
At the very least they've already proven to be useful distractions while I backshoot beastmen, and it's conceivable I might even end up adding these guys to the very short list of people I can stand to be around.

In light of this I am reconsidering my attitude to loot. We might not see any "ahem, ten gold" situations in future (although if we do happen across any best quality weapons, I still fully intend to pocket them.)

Also, grudging respect to Gottfried Von Harlander for being super-smooth with the ladies.