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    Kickstarter removes project because it's targeted by the creator's stalker

    The important bit:
    If there is any chance that Rachel [The creator] will receive spam from a stalker on her project, she should not create one. We simply cannot allow a project to become a forum for rampant spam, as her past project became. If this happens again, we will need to discard the project and permanently suspend Rachelís account.

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    Does this mean we can get any Kickstarter we don't like taken down by spamming? I think they're punishing the victim for the crime here and refusing to address the problem. Before anyone suggest it isn't Kickstarter's fault, I'm aware of that, but any site that allows public comments must be prepared to deal with unwanted attention.

    However, the passage on her website "Rachel Marone is a Transmedia Artist, Brand Developer, and Futurist who blogs about digital culture. She is the founder of the Extreme Futurist Festival which is a 2 day entertainment and tech convention focusing on radical performers and voices of the new evolution." doesn't half make her sound like a waste of space, and the first note from Kickstarter says she engaged in conversation with said spammer, so on the whole it looks like a mountain/molehill problem to me.
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    Seems pretty shitty alright, and yeah, the way they're dealing with it means every project can be shut down if someone spams 300 comments. That's not gonna work.

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    Hilarious precedent you set there, Kickstarter.
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