I woke up yesterday with a vague memory of a game I had in the mid-90s on my brain. It was an economic/business builder game where you built your factory, along with the assembly lines within.

I seem to recall buying the factory location, then setting up your business inside. You had to hire and fire employees, price your products competitively, etc..

The graphics were a 3/4 view, I think. But I cannot be sure. The design window for your factory may have been an overhead view.

Anyway, I know it's not much to go on. I've Googled many iterations of "tycoon, factory, business, economy, sim, builder" etc, and have not come across anything that rings a bell. GIS has not yet turned up a screenshot that shows what I recall.

So, two questions -- 1) does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? (I am fairly sure I didn't just dream it)
2) can anyone recommend a similar-type of game that has some good depth to it? My Googling turned up an awful lot of web-based business sims, which I have yet to look at.

Thanks a lot!