*preface: I know the downsides to a gaming laptop; but I'm out of town almost 30 weeks out of the year so moving a desktop around is out of the question*

I've heard a lot of good things about MSI over the past few years(aside from some keyboard issues) and am looking to replace my aging Alienware laptop and am just overwhelmed at the moment and looking for help.

As far as I know MSI does no first party builds and everything is resold(I'm in the US) which I think is complicating matters. When I bought my alienware it was pretty 'easy' as it was one website, with only a few options per part. As MSI is a resold product the options are almost giving me a headache.

To be honest, I've not kept up with current tech, so I've got no idea what parts are good, which are garbage, etc etc. I play quite a few games, but none that are overtly demanding(IE: not running BF3 on ultra or something) but really want a laptop that'll play well over the next few years.

MSI's been recommended to me a lot. as a brand. but no configurations. I browsed xoticpc.com for a while and there are so many configurations I've got 0 clue where to start. As with any set of prodcuts I'm sure there are some 'lemons' in there somewhere and I'm hoping someone here could help me out!

I would be happy around the 2,000USD range(can adjust if necessary). Would prefer a chasis that isn't going to heat and a video card that doesn't have a metric ton of driver issues at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

[That being said if anyone wants to chime in with a brand they much prefer(asus maybe?) that's cool to~]