Right so considering the interest shown in the general discussion I've decided to make it OFFICIAL.

I propose we all get together sometime for a general zombie off. Few things that might make a bit hard though.

Firstly at the moment (and presumably the way the mod works for the forseeable future) you can only play on official servers, which at the moment I believe consists of two EU servers, a French server, a US server and a New Zealand server (bizarre) which are usually full at the times we'll want to play.

We could of course wait a bit until later on, but heres the thing the servers follow a 24h day/night cycle relevant to where the server is (so EU servers follow roughly GMT so if we play at night it'll be night on the server). Playing this mod at night isn't all that fun to be honest, its so dark its impossible to see ANYTHING without a flare which only provides light to about 5 feet around you and makes it almost impossible to aim in first person cos a gigantic flaming torch is strapped to your hand. Apparently NVGs do exist but they are friggin rare, I aint come accross any. So I figure best bet is maybe either to play at about mid-day for the best chance of getting as many people on as possible, or possibly play about 2pm on the yank server (it ain't bad at all really)

We'll all spawn in random places, we could of course communicate through mumble but I think that kind of takes the fun out of it, so I say we set a meet up point somewhere on the map and all endeavour to get there having little adventures and then team up with whoever makes it and go whack zombies.

Any takers/thoughts?