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    MegaUpload Will Likely Never Get to Court

    Long story short, the US gov't used extralegal methods to get MegaUpload off the net, and it can't bring the corporation down legally because of the whole "not in the US" jurisdictional issue.

    In the cyberpunk future I envision all of us will soon live under, this is government's first salvo against multinational corporations.
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    I heard that the US fed takes on this case so high profile because other sides of illegal activities of this "corp" come to their attention, the whole piracy issue is just a ruse. Those from entertainment industry are just taking a free-ride and the fed doesn't seems to take their IP rights seriously.

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    Could Megaupload sue the US/NZ governments for damages? The sum they'd be seeking (particularly in terms of lost profits) would be pretty enormous I imagine.

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    If the goal was to bring the corporation down, it's done, legally or not.

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