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    Masters of Disaster (A Dominions 3 game)

    Welcome to the new thread for our Dominions 3 game. I may just get crazy and role play in game as Carl Weathers, Apollo Creed though not Dillon from Predator. Apollo Creed was a stand up dude as opposed to Dillon who led them all into an alien hunting extravaganza, which isn't cool at all.

    The Drop Box is up and just about everyone is invited. I'd say pretenders due on Tuesday at some point. I'll make a folder you can put them in in DB. If you can get it in sooner great but of course make sure you guys make good ones. I'll make some maps today and put them in DB and see if we like any of them.

    Good luck and have fun.

    Player list:
    Jarvis: Midgard
    lasikbear: Agartha
    MasterBoo: Pythium
    Sarigs: Atlantis
    wedge99: Caelum
    Zyrden: Marignon
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