Hi all!

I got banned from arma 2 server today for using artillery gun glitch (D-30) against enemy in an actual AO...
There was an admin online, he looked like a voted-gamer admin, not a regular one like IceRaiser used to be.
He asked me, how can i use artillery guns, i explained him, then someone - that i suggest not him - banned me from server.
Let's state some facts: I'm not a hacker, i'm not a cheater. I'm playing the game as it is, i have only sound and some retextured weapon mods but that's all. Arma II has many-many glitches, that i won't tell anybody, let's find them out or look after it on Google, there are many, believe me...
As game glitches part of every game, it shouldn't be accused as cheating or hacking.
I want to be unbanned, because of real good community and good server.
There are many people can vouch me, like Tyrr, who knows i'm not a hacker, i probably got false reported by somebody after i did really mad game score by using artillery gun on AO.
Try to rethink that... please.