I was wondering, if it was accepted by the Rock Paper Shotgun administration to start an RPS Talk-a-thon about Vanilla WoW & The Burning Crusade being run on privately hosted servers by non-blizzard developers. There are some wonderful projects happening where you can get to relive the Vanilla & TBC experience for free, using developed Mango backbones to run the games as "Blizzlike" as possible. Blizzard do not actively shut down the servers as long as they do not have income as in a subscription fee. By not accepting a subscription fee nor a one time payment, they do not pose a direct threat to Blizzard.

I recently found a project which has been alive for more than a few years. It's scripted very neatly, aims to be as Blizzlike as possible and has constant updates as well as a thriving community with more than 3k concurrent players on their Vanilla Server and 2.5k concurrent players on their TBC Server. I'd like to "give back" to them by adding a club here where people can share their experience/thoughts/interest. I just need to find out if it's allowed by RPS.

Disclaimer: I absolutely do not see the same fantastic game that I did 7 years ago. Vanilla WoW is not at all the best part of WoW, nor is it more challenging. My personal interest in the project is to relive an old game that I used to find incredible, it is also funny to see how little was available compared to what there is now.