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    TorchShips kickstarter: realistic 3D space combat sim

    If you look up speculation on what space combat might actually look like, you'll find things like engagements at thousands of kilometers, nuclear missiles, kinetic weapons, heat management, etc. You might then look at 'space sim' games that simulate this, but... there are none. Even the most "hardcore" games like Frontier and I-War only simulate some of the physics, but the engagements happen at ranges of a couple of kilometers, to say nothing of most other "space sims" that play like WW2 dogfighters in space. Personally, I find this situation very disappointing.

    So I'm excited for TorchShips, a game that promises to deliver a big dose of realism not only for flight physics but also weapons, their ranges and their effects. It's currently on kickstarter with 5k out of the 40k pledged and 11 days to go. If you have the slighest interest in the idea of hard sci-fi space combat, go and check it out and consider buying it. They say space sims are a dead genre. Well, in a way they were never alive and this is your change to help bring them to life.

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    This. This is the game I've been looking for.

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    Looks like it could be fun. Still have some doubts though.

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