OK, so the existence of a RPS Planetside 2 outfit seems pretty much inevitable, given that Jim at least seems pretty excited about the game.

The question to get all irate about of course is which side do you want us to be on?

My Planetside experience is limited to 6 months or so serving as a reservist for the Vanu. Despite some of the crap unique variants (Aurora, I'm looking at you here) and an uninspiring heavy weapon (Lasher), I'd quite like to play as Vanu again. The way units like the MagRider were weaker than the other faction's tanks, but had the flexibility to achieve things the others couldn't was something I really enjoyed. I also feel a little closer to Technofetishism as a side philosophy, than I do to Authoritarianism or Ayn Randism, but that doesn't make a big difference to me. Also, manly purple!

Right, feel free to flame away about why we have to be NC or TR.