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Crysis 1's gameplay is generally excellent to a point; whether you still enjoy the game after the aliens appear is a matter of opinion but it definitely isn't the same game after they become your opposition.
The game starts going downhill once the aliens show up, but to me the real low-point of Crysis is that stupid plane section. It doesn't help that anything that comes after it feels like filler.

That said, Crysis is definitely one of the better shooters from the past years. It looks gorgeous and the gameplay is fairly varied. Most levels give you multiple ways to approach a given situation. I'm going to go against the grain though and recommend you start out on a lower difficulty. Part of the game's appeal is playing around with the environment and your different powers, which, while not impossible, is a lot harder to do when enemies can kill you very quickly.

Also if you enjoy Crysis consider buying Warhead as well. I'd say it's actually superior to the original game, though quite a bit shoter obviously.