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    Quote Originally Posted by soldant View Post
    But you've included Valve there, when Valve are pretty big these days particularly with Steam.
    But they are not publicly traded or constituting a part of a larger operation, which are the usual means by which a game developer blows way past the (fuzzy) number of 150 whereupon its dynamics (internal and external) cease to function on human principles such as empathy, trust, reciprocity, etc.

    Ubisoft might be piss-poor when it comes to particular issues but plenty of other big devs manage to push patches to fix issues.
    But not because they give a damn, which was the point.

    An individual can feel morally obligated to fix bugs, or they might just go "Oh well, stiff shit, I've decided it's a feature instead."
    Sure. I said an individual is capable on acting upon the basis of something other than the bottom line, not that all individuals will. Some individuals are moral vs. no large organisations are moral.

    Authoritative citation needed.
    It's one of the many implications of Dunbar's number. Ironically it's a concept many corporations are now using in internal restructuring so that the whole might be more effective in not give a shit about anyone else.

    here's a book that talks about both Dunbar's number and corporations, alas key sections have been excised from the Google Books preview. =/
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