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    The problem is game development doesn't work that way and every developer does things differently. Places like Valve and Blizzard have people working on various projects on and off. (I.E. someone designing maps for Starcraft could suddenly be called to work on WoW or Diablo instead in the middle of development).

    Sure, there are big names at the forefront of development like Robin Walker or Greg Street, but they aren't even truly developing the games at this point, they are more like supervisors.

    A game developer is more like an orchestra than a rock band, you are a fan of the whole place not just one dude.

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    I do have to say though, maybe we should first of all make maybe one designer/one group of people the lead people the "auteur" if you will in gaming and start this process. Maybe gaming should become one singular man/womans vision

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0rsuk View Post
    This is WRONG. You should treat game developers like music fans treat their bands: whenever a notable musician leaves, fans of his work follow him to a new band/project
    That's because musicians have talent. Coders on the other hand can in fact be replaced by trained monkeys. Aside from which your entire assumption is flawed; just because a band produces a good album doesn't mean the next album will also be good. That's why the vast majority of bands tend to be one hit wonders. The same applies to game design.

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