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There were similar builds in GW1 using skills like "Symbolic Strike" that grew more powerful for each signet you had equipped in your skillbar. In PvE some of these builds (and maybe some exceptions like the "Keystone" Mesmer build in PvP) might be feasible in some areas but by powering up single stats - like critchance - or skills you are effectively crippling your skill selection. Don't know if this turns out to be true for GW2 as well, maybe it is something that now is worth using more often.
I didn't play Guild Wars but this is very true for Guild Wars 2. Check out this thief who specced solely into condition damage and relies on applying bleeds with leaping death blossom:

traits: http://www.twitch.tv...ter/b/316642773
gameplay: http://www.twitch.tv/flipmeister/b/316627049

He does great dps but as soon as a character starts cleansing (the ranger cleanses every time he dodges if traited that way) he becomes useless.