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    Quote Originally Posted by MashPotato View Post
    ... after the auto-updater was released, we got in contact with some of the pirates, and when they realized that we were cloud-based, all were apologetic. Links were taken down, and videos removed, voluntarily :)

    Ok, so it was pirates not realizing they were engaging in/encouraging (unintentional) theft. For those people, I withdraw my labeling of them as thieves.

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    Oh and by the way I am not unsympathetic but you can't stop 'piracy/stealing' so you just have to plan for it to happen...

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    I bought this, but didn't download it in time. I'm feeling increasingly angry that I cannot download it anymore.

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    The public demo is the latest build of the game, which you can download. The next update for paid customers should be up in a few days, I gather.

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    I wish these guys all the best of luck, this game has to be the most fun I've had with the zombie genre in years let alone games in general. My wife and I are anticipating comparing our survival times and having even more fun when multiplayer gets implemented. Don't give up!

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    Why can't they stop the pirates from using their auto updater? That sounds like their problem to be honest, is there no security involved whatsoever?

    Still, I was raped by a pirate. Burn them!

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