I think it would be quite interesting to get some response from developers who used to make PC games and now only make games for consoles and mobile platforms as to why they've abandoned the PC and if we'll ever see them return to us.

What's got me thinking about this is the release of Redlynx's Trials Evolution on XBLA. These guys started out PC and now make console and mobile games. If you've checked out Trials Evo you'll know that it's un-freaking-believable. It's Trials 2:SE times 1000, track editor, IT'S OUTDOORS NOW not in a warehouse, multiplayer, amazing! But us PC gamers, we get... nothing from them!

Another dev who jumped ship is Llamasoft. Pioneers in PC gaming, they now make mobile games, just mobile games. A shame as Gridrunner Revolution was excellent. BUT, the leaderboards for it have been offline for it for a year and a half, maybe longer.

So what's happening? What do all these companies have to say about turning their backs on what is arguably the biggest gaming market there is?