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    Quote Originally Posted by deano2099 View Post
    Do we really? I don't think there's any problem with a heated discussion, it often brings out some good points. And when people cross the line into actual (none jokey) personal insults, mods or the community step in. It can probably look a bit aggressive from the outside but no-one is actually getting hurt.
    The good points are lost amidst posts of insults, shouting, rhetoric, strawmen and willy-waving.

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    Not sure if people are deliberately being jerks to derail the thread or just naturally jerks. Either way, game over.

    A polite reminder:
    Quote Originally Posted by rossignol
    1. Be excellent to each other.
    2. That means not insulting each other.
    3. No, really, it's possible to disagree without insults. Just don't do it.

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    Two week bans are on their way, folks. Please use the time to cool off.

    Any violation of Rule 1 will now result in a ban.

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