I think I'm looking forward to this. The last game I played that resembled this genre in any way was PSO on the Dreamcast (and a bit of Blue Burst on PC). I got addicted, seriously, as seems to be common for these types of games. I'm not worried about that now, but still miss the positives of these types of games.

I *was* hyped for Diablo III... about 2 years ago, but then everything they announced in the last year put me off. I'm at the point in my life where I can take or leave games, so I decided to leave Diablo III as I can't support Blizzard/Activision's business practices or give them my money (for anything, honestly don't think I've ever bought an Activision product). I actually don't care if it's brilliant underneath all the layers of bs, it makes no difference to me at all.

So I am putting my Diablo-like eggs into Torchlight 2's basket, which from what I've read is a better game anyway. The mod stuff sounds interesting too. Another reason to not touch Diablo III's completely locked down game. In an era where mods are becoming official thanks to Steam, what an ignorant step backwards (for purely commericial reasons. Where's the love, man?). Hopefully texture modding is an option in Torchlight 2... not that it looks bad, just a bit, well, y'know.