Well frankly I just want an excuse to post the Cisse goal against Chelsea from earlier tonight, which is one if the most beautiful goals you will see in your life. Astonishing stuff.

Looks like Chelsea will need to win the Champion's League to qualify for it next season. Shame Newcastle have a super tough run in and Tottenham an easy one as I think Spurs will just about edge 4th place but I reckon Newcastle deserve it more (plus if they don't get it I fear they may lose some of their top players).

In other sport I've been enjoying watching the snooker World Championships as usual. Bit of a shame that Hendry was outplayed by Maguire, I'd been hoping he would go out of the game on a high with an 8th title but at least he got one more Crucible 147 un before he retired (and a magnificent break it was too). Judging by the quarters it looks like Ronnie is in ominous form. i've never been a big fan of him but I absolutely love watching him in full flow and he certainly was in the latter stages against Robertson.

So anyone else got anything to say about the wonderful world of sport? Has Bradley Wiggins shown he's got a decent chance at the Tour De France this year given his victories so far this year? Who do you fancy in the upcoming Tennis French Open (hint - Nadal!)? Will the new F1 season continue to be so unpredictable? Could Cal Crutchlow secure a rare british Moto GP podium? Have you been reading the rather excellent "Stunning Olympic Moments" series on the Guardian and what is your favourite Olympic moment? Speaking of the Olympics, have any of you got tickets? Heck, you can even talk about cricket and I'll smile and nod politely and promise not to make any snide comments!