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    Looking for somewhere to write

    Right - I was doing some games writing (mostly reviews, occasional feature) for The Digital Fix, but they changed their copyright terms for contributors to be a bit too grabby, so alas, we parted ways. Now looking for a new home for my games stuff, rather than going back to sticking it on my own blog. I mostly covered indie stuff (console and PC) especially point-and-click adventures. Will happily write for free as long as no-one's making money off it.

    And if anyone knows anywhere after TV writing then let me know too. Especially if they want rants about The Apprentice.

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    Relatively new site. I know very little about them, but they were looking for writers last time I checked. They seem to have been gaining credibility over the last few months as I've seen links to them in bluesnews a few times. Also I believe they were linked-to in RPS' own "Sunday Papers."

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