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    Rather Proper Sabres - Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars with the RPS GrenOhDears



    Ahem. This is a call to arms for all able members of RPS with a copy of the 'video-game' "Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars" to come and play with other like minded linesmen.

    Sessions are 7:30PM Brit time. At the moment, that means 7:30 BST, or GMT +1.

    A selection of us have been participating in battle already, as shown by Ayam's videos:

    If you'd like to play with us, look for StrangLove, Head or Ivan Sidorenko on Steam. Alternatively (and the preferred option), join the RPS group chatroom on steam, and ask about fighting napoleon.

    More things!

    Captain Head has advised that we take up arms in a proper campaign. The regiment we'd like to play as is the Household Cavalry 5th dragoons. Why? Well, in 1799 they were disbanded for mutiny, a seemingly fitting history to an RPS regiment. If you'd like to participate in this, post here and we'll see if it's feasible.

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