Thought this would be an interesting topic. I think we should keep all discussion of DRM out of this as much as possible, and instead focus on the problems with the games or the reasons we can't love them.

I'll start:
Female protagonist, Dynamedion soundtrack, ass-kicking...

... but no visual consistency, some questionable design choices, a crap combat system, terrible audio engineering (I'M NEXT TO YOU SO I MUST BE SHOUTING), bugs up the arse crack and so forth.

Drakensang + The River of Time
Interesting visuals, beautiful Dynamedion soundtrack, 'proper' amour for women and it's a German RPG (so it has ambience and stuff), but it has a very complex ruleset, the difficulty dicks you over straight away (less so with TRoT) and it feels obtuse for the sake of it. I'd love to play these games fully, but I can't.

Amazing soundtrack and some great ideas, but I can't play it as I get exhausted in just a few rounds.