So lately I find single player games largely...flat. Nothing you seem to do matter; there are no real consequences to your actions. Be as careless as you wish; same death and reload. Nothing really matters.

Reading EVE and Perpetuum - true, player driven sandboxes - has me increasingly curious about both games. I am sort of looking to compare the two. Spent some time perusing YouToube videos of both; plan to spend some more. But I wanted to come in and talk to the players of both games. Get a feel for them and maybe even a comparison of the two from the players and those familiar with the games.

So...on to the players. Which game do you recommend, and why. Is game play itself more fun in one than the other? Are the risk and rewards more exciting in either game? Do politics and decision making and favor matter more in one game or the other? For a person who likes their fair share of both click-finger and brain cell action in games, which one comes out on top.

Eager to see some thoughts on both games, especially from persons - or pilots, or robots - currently involved in either one.