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    Recommend me some World Wide Webomics!

    Do we have a thread about webcomics already? If not, am I doing a terrible thing by making one? I suppose you can mention any old thing you like, but if you want to complete the main quest and suggest something that *I* might actually like, I will have to give you the backstory (um, read teh lore).

    I have exhausted my current supply of webcomics to the point where on some days I only have two to read! And that's awful, because that only takes a couple of minutes, and then I usually only have these forums standing between me and doing *work*. A lot of the ones I read, I have tired of for one reason or another. Here are the ones I still read regularly:

    -- Dilbert (technically not a webcomic but it is on the web and so I read it)
    -- Buttersafe
    -- Dr. McNinja
    -- Dinosaur Comics
    -- AwkwardZombie
    -- BasicInstructions

    I used to read Blank It ( what is drawn by HotSoup, but that is not updated these days (similarly from wayy back, Gone With The Blastwave, of soldant's-avatar fame).

    Ones I stopped reading for REASONS:
    xkcd (stopped because of the too-frequent "if I talk about ADULT MATERIAL that will make things funnier right?" approach...of course a couple of the ones I still check are annoying me with this too, and become less favorite) (it's about libraries...I stopped reading it probably because of a long string of SOPA-related comics and general negativity about library-patrons...I'm sure I will pick it up again if they or I gain an increase in light-heartedness =P)
    pokey the penguin (stopped for my sanity a long time ago, I just remembered it now so I mentioned it)

    THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT is that any webcomic you suggest must NOT include a wisecracking little robot, whether invented by a genius inventor character who doesn't display his/her genius inventiveness in very many ways except for having this robot...or whether existing of its own accord without explanation. No wisecracking little robots. I mean it. Talking animals are alright sometimes though, unless they turn out to be robot animals.

    Thanks, internet. Basically if you can just recommend me something that's like Buttersafe and updates on days when Buttersafe doesn't, I will be pretty happy.


    P.S. I will save you the trouble of recommending these because I don't like them at all:
    that's about it actually =P
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    The Secret of Gargoyle Manor, a browser point-and-click adventure about retrieving your lost hat whatever the cost, is something you could play!

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