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Thread: Syndicate?

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    Okay, I know it's a fairly standard shooter at best, but I'm actually having some good fun playing through the co-op. It's something to fill my time with before Max Payne drops next week!

    Is anyone playing this at the moment and fancy a few games? PUGs are all well and good, but I think this would be far more fun playing (and communicating!) with some friendly faces. Is there even an RPS Syndicate? I assume you can play people through your Origins Friends list...?

    Anyway, my Origin username is the same as my RPS name. Give me a shout if you fancy a game!

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    Wanted to post this but it didnt really deserve its own thread. However we apparently already have a thread for Syndicate its just that no one wants to talk about it - sorry unitled!

    He's basically saying the fans would have hated them whatever they did, which I have some sympathy for but not a great deal.

    He seems to casually ignore or perhaps not realise (unlikely) that there would have been differing amounts of fans in uproar and I think its a fair bet to say that making it into an FPS and slapping the name Syndicate on it would upset considerably more fans than say, oh I don't know, keeping it within the same genre?

    Its naive of me to hope for but I'd really like to see much more honestly about game design choices. Say perhaps

    "We wanted to make a fairly competent FPS in a sci-fi type setting and EA were unwilling to publish without it being an existing and marketable IP. So we went with Syndicate. Sorry guys, we think it deserves a legitimate sequel as well but we ain't gonna be the ones to make it"

    Ahh, to live in a world where people told the truth to the media and didnt have to fear for their jobs in doing so.

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    Well, they could simply have made a more then average shooter which actually has some connection to the universe outside the name and microchips in peoples heads. Maybe that would have helped? Like... a lot?

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    I have heard so many amazing things about the 4-player co-op, but unfortunately, I bought the game 6 months after release, and by that time it was dead (as the Eurogamer article says, it sold a measly 150k copies across three platforms).

    However, dead or not, the game's servers are still functional, so I've finally decided to take things into my own hands and seek out people to play with.

    I've found two others already, so we have a group of three set up. I am looking for one other player to complete our group and join us in the co-op campaign on the highest possible difficulty. You must be able to use Teamspeak or Mumble. (Remember that Starbreeze also made the Payday series, and you try completing the heists on Overkill difficulty without any team communication.)

    I live in the UK (timezone GMT+0), and my Origin ID is TheNoseKnows. We haven't started yet, so now's the perfect time to join us! Please add me if you're interested.

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    I am very much interested, friend request sent.

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