Searched, but found no thread.

I thought it'd be a decent idea to have a thread to talk about this in, I know it's not released on PC for a little while, but reviews will be in soon and we can discuss what we hear about the game etc.

Personally, I'm really excited, I know some aren't happy with the direction the game is going in having Sao Paulo, but I like the contrast it has with the New York segments, and the whole thing about Max going bald seems like a decent sort of transitional plot device.

I hear the shooting and physics are damn amazing as well, enemies can actually fall over etc, and Max diving into walls causes him to sort of slam into it, rather than just halt and slowly slide down it like the previous games.

I also hear the game can take between 15-20 hours from the leaked Xbox version (some guy said he went through it as quick as possible in 13 hours) which is good for a modern shooter these days and the multiplayer looks well designed at least. That couple with the fact Remedy themselves have said they think it's amazing has me really excited. So, thoughts?