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    Fifa 12

    So, how many RPS dudes are playing Fifa 12 these days? What's your general opinion of the game? Myself, I have been playing since the release date, but mostly in online with the premade teams, not so much in those fancy tournaments and what not. I was thinking, maybe get a RPS FC together and play some matches? Who knows, maybe even organize a RPS cup tournament?

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    I have F10 on the Playstation but my lack of skills always end online matches with 0-10 or something, Fifa players play on a daily basis which I am no match for.
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    Played the demo a while back. Seemed perfectly fine, it's another FIFA game, they are usually always fun. Didn't fancy forking out though, for me I'm only drawn to play FIFA as a local multiplayer kind of thing.

    As I found out, I'm still pretty terrible at it!

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    I have the game on the old console box 360. It's decent enough, if a little lacking in required skill [given nobody plays online manually].
    If I recall I reached division 3 before I tired of the repetitive gameplay and the fact I felt I was losing to players online due to the games design rather than their own player skill. The gameplay is so forgiving, making chipped through balls and elaborate skill moves incredibly simplistic it comes down to which player gets lucky.
    The game offers some cool features, but the player base [as with most football fans, unfortunately] are utterly moronic and thus ruin the game for others. The 11 vs 11 is a prime example. Unless you play as part of a club [at which point players often take the game far to seriously and don't seem to understand the game is simply lines of computer code; and thus the referees follow strictly coded rules] you're always going to find one or two willing to score own goals or choose to play as a goalkeeper and try to score a goal...
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