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    Unfortunately (fortunately?), I'm just not that evil. Just a regular "Joe" who wants to get out of the forest and into some real co-op action. Next time I'm likely to play is Friday but I'll get on Mumble and see if I can track you down! You running 1.7 or Not sure if I should roll back or not.

    I'll be on tonight. I'm playing just because the servers I've been on haven't updated yet. If they do today I'll switch. I hear the connection times are much better. Your mumble name the same?

    So, I killed a man today. I've had to before, but this was different. This wasn't a bandit, so far as I could tell, and didn't even know I was there. I didn't want to, but I had to make a split-second decision. I'd teamed up with the one guy I've played co-op with and we set off to meet up with his friend. When we got together, we raided a few barns to get the guy a better gun than his makarov (he was new). Things went bad, and he startled some zeds. We fought them off easy enough, except that one got a lucky hit in and broke the new guy's bones and started him bleeding. We got him up a hill and patched him up, but he was passing out repeatedly. My other friend went off to kill and cook a cow we'd seen over the hill while I guarded the wounded.

    After some time, I saw another player looting the same barns we'd been through, down the hill. I kept an eye on him but didn't think much of it, until he started popping off rounds with an enfield and started to get swarmed. He takes off running, directly up the hill I'm on with my wounded partner. I try to hail him in direct, warn him away, but he doesn't react, just keeps leading zeds right towards my helpless mate.

    I pulled out my Kobra, thinking to shoot the zombies, but there are too many, I know I won't get them all in time, and I don't know how this guy will react. I fired, and the guy goes down. The zeds are on him, and I can pick them off at leisure. I can still see him fall, crawl a ways, then die. I feel terrible.

    This game is amazing!
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