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What a great community this is! I just logged into the UK_EX server and had my first human contact. It was nail-bitingly intense. We found each other at a barn and used the in-game 'nearby' chat function to establish we're both friendly. Then there was the SUPER INTENSE part where we actually started travelling with each other. I finally broke the tension I was feeling by saying "Look, I know I already said this, but I have no interest in shooting you. I hope you don't either, so just...uh, know that, okay?" and he chuckles and goes, "It's cool man. I wanna go into Chernorsk and shoot everyone there, so you may not wanna be around for that, but until then, I don't want to shoot you."

He then led me into my first city and taught me more about the interface and we found me a shotgun and looted a supermarket and it was all really exciting and tense. And the whole time, he didn't shoot me!
He probably wanted to sex you up bro. It gets lonely in a zombie apocalypse.