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    ANGELINA - Automated Game Design, Take Two

    Hi folks,

    You might remember a while ago I posted up some information on an AI system I'm building that can design simple platform games. I wanted to give you an update, but the original thread title sucked so I decided to make a new one.

    ANGELINA is a piece of software that can design simple platform games relatively autonomously. Right now, the platform games are Metroidvania-like in their gameplay: you collect powerups that unlock new areas of the level for you. The last few months have been working towards giving ANGELINA more creative ability, in particular the ability to choose images, sound effects and music from the web and put them into a game to theme it around a particular topic.

    I've got two games on the website right now (, both based off relatively recent news articles. The gameplay hasn't changed that much since Christmas, so if you weren't sold on the playing then you might still be a bit frustrated! I've provided YouTube walkthroughs in case you'd rather watch to see the new content.

    ANGELINA is pretty autonomous in its design of these games. It reads Guardian articles, picks ones it finds interesting (using a few simple metrics) decides on some media it wants to use, and it can even write simple commentaries on what its done (as of this morning, at least!)

    Let me know what you think. Last time we had some good talk about the project so hopefully people will find this new stage of development interesting too! I'll put some direct links to the games below:

    Sex, Lies and Rape -

    The Conservation of Emily -

    I'm writing this work up right now for a deadline this week, but I'd love to answer questions and chat about the project.
    [url=]Games by ANGELINA[/url] - Experiments in automated game design

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    Wow, I can see the headlines already from that first game title.

    Sounds like an interesting system, but I'm not sure I like the idea of pictures of Peter Mandelson suddenly appearing in my gameworlds

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