I'm considering doing something crazy.

My PC has either power pack troubles in which case I'll buy a new one and all will be okay, or, it's another crap AMD video card loosing it's shit and it's time to rejoin the lovely green Nvidia tribe via way of a sexy 670.

Or the coin could land on it's side.

I could splash out on a Mac.

A nice neat Mac with one of those lovely screens and what not.

It costs a lot you say? It's top of range shit I tell you.

Mac has no gaemz? Bootcamped instalation of windows I say.

Macs aren't reliable you say? Shit hot customer service they do, no waiting weeks for an RMA.

And besides all I'm playing at the minute is Diablo Triple (by playing in I mean staring at the login screen) and that runs on Mac OS whatever just fine. The OS seems a doozy when compared with windows too. Shit seems to work and it has a metric ton of productivity software the likes of which Microsoft would charge you an arm and a leg for...

So talk to me people.

Any Mac gamers out there in RPS land?

I'm not exactly seeing any downsides here bar cost.