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Well guys I think some of you have put me off for now but to be making it clear I was talking about a desktop or imac not a laptop.

Though there seems to be a lot of unnecessary Mac hate going off.

P.S to the haters: I've been building my own PC's for the better part of two decades, fancied something different.
Ah right. Well in that case I'd say, stick to it! If you buy yourself a beautiful 27" iMac you'll love it for about six months, and then either you'll have some kind of issue with it (like screen problems that the imacs suffer from) and have to send the entire thing away, or you'll want to upgrade and find out its stupidly expensive.

A guy I work with had a Mac Pro Desktop, wanted to upgrade the GPU. Apple wanted to charge him twice the going rate for an ATI card that. He said screw that, and bought a HD6770 off dabs. Turned out apple used a different power connector and he had to buy a special adapter off ebay to power it. After all that it still wouldn't work because he had to flash the firmware or something. He got horrible annoyed, gave up and sold me the HD6770 for about 75% what he paid. I happily stuck it in my 4 year old machine and it ran without issue.

Macs "just work" as long as you're prepared to pay apple lots of money to fix things you could sort out yourself on a PC