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    Morality/Choices/Story Shifting in Gaming= Stale?

    So, I just beat Deus Ex: HR. [minor spoilers]. You're presented with three [edit: four choices. Not three.] choices that all basically serve to give some kind of closure while providing an avenue to a sequel. In theory, I don't have a problem with this. I'm a choice guy. I LOVE having choices. But I can't help feel that allowing the player to have the choice at the end of this particular game gave the writers an excuse to cop-out.

    I don't know. Maybe it's just that I'm burnt out on my recent Mass Effect/Witcher/Deus Ex fest, but I'm sick of being given choices. Back in 2007, I was enthralled with Bishock when it gave me the good/evil choices with the little sisters (despite the fact that you earn just as much ADAM either way, so there's really no incentive to go one way or another beyond wanting to be a dick or a nice guy). But now, in 2012,It's to the point that I roll my eyes and couldn't care less if this minor villain I've spared earlier becomes a major ally or that I get 30 karma points for not burning this orphanage full of kids and kittens. I just don't care, and I've had difficulty figuring out why this sort of apathy has set in, because, to repeat, I am a CHOICE kind of guy.

    Again, maybe it's the burnt out thing. I think, in part, it's because I yearn for older days when a buddy and mine could talk about a single gaming experience. For example, let's consider Max Payne 3. Now, anyone who plays Max Payne 3 is going to have pretty much the same experience storywise. Me and said buddy can talk about the various "oh shit" moments because they're universal and it's usually competent writing (I have some issues with MP3, but that's for another thread). My buddy and I can talk about Mass Effect 2/3 and The Witcher 2, but we won't necessarily be able to talk about the same experience because choices in those games affect the course of each game in major ways. Maybe that's a personal thing.

    Still, I think giving the choice to the player has changed from being a neat gaming device that can really enhance the player's experience to being something that gives writers an excuse to get lazy as Deus Ex and ME have demonstrated--to me, at least.

    What do you guys think about Morality/Choices/Story Shifting in gaming (I group the three together because they always seem to be related in whatever games they show up in).
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