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    I get put into moderation on the front page, not a lot, but with more regularity than I'd expect given little swearing and general trouble (if I do say so myself). Even with no links in the post. It's happened enough times on weekends too, when no one appears to be watching the moderation queue for a day or two so a comment will just sit there unread and unloved.
    I expect no one's going to state the rules out loud so that trolls and bot systems can't skirt it.
    And it's a tad precious to worry about people reading one's half thought out stuff <i>Immediately<i>, I know. (in the section that people generally say should not be read on any site). But it's happened just enough that I wonder if I'm on a list.
    Is there a list?

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    IIRC there are lists made by the automated anti-spam software. You can try emailing with your username on the frontpage and he should be able to check for you.

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    The only time I've ever had this is when I've used loads of parentheses, colons, semi-colons and slashes in a post. Removing them and using dashes, periods and commas instead (grammatically wrong but...) fixed it.

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