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Thread: Can't comment

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    Can't comment

    Somehow after ( i think ) updating Firefox i can't comment on any RPS article. No error shows after posting, just a refresh of the page and my comment is not posted. Going Back in the browser unfortunately doesn't recall my excellent writing, it's just gone into the void. You've made me sad at least once.

    I cleared all the cookies and logged in again, all scripts on RPS are go. Any idea what else it could be?

    Cheers :)

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    Same here, its really weird.

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    Which version of Firefox are you two using?

    Type about:version in the address box if not sure.
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    Have you noticed if you're even staying logged in? There was an issue I was having a while back where I would log in, and when I went to make a post, it'd tell me to log in. To my understanding that was pretty much fixed, but figured it might be something to double check.
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    I've been having the 'log-in and then I'm not logged in even though I just logged in' problem on Firefox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave L. View Post
    I've been having the 'log-in and then I'm not logged in even though I just logged in' problem on Firefox.
    Same here. Usually I must log in again and refresh the page to make it work.

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    maybe it's a bug of firefox

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    I tested such bug in firefox

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    Apparently we're being banned from commenting on articles without warning or notification. When we post, our comments go into a black hole.

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