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    Funny profile information on RPS

    Hi there,

    I am new on the RPS forum and when I was adding information to my profile, I saw this:

    Not sure why, but it made me giggle and it reminded me of my past where it was SO COOL to have an ICQ or MSN number :)

    Oh, before I forget: my name is Ray and I hope to get to know some awesome people here!

    All the best,

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    Greets, yeah, I remember tethering my social contacts to every single site i came across, hoping quietly that like-minded folk would seek me out.

    I guess I still do that today, but yunno, on steam instead.
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    Just like Helio, I would fill every text box with my contact addresses to make sure everything was looking good, but that's probably my OCD messing with me. Also, new forums still have those boxes, even though almost everyone uses Steam and today's social media networks.

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    FWIW, RPS is sticking with an old version of the forum software, that is nearing 10 years old.
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