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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i am very upset about the DayZ article on the main page. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014...omment-1475885

If anyone who wanted to ban or censor video games came about that article and used it as an argument, i would have to agree with them. And it bothers me that this is on my favorite Gaming page.
I do understand that people enjoy some games in that way but to me those accounts of joy about cruelty against other people disgust me. I do not mind graphic violence or player killing the slightest, i have been a pirate in Eve for years and never felt the slightest bit guilty. But in all those times it has been about beeing able to destroy their ship. It was never about needlessly beeing cruel to people. I allways either had an advantage from kiling them, like loot, or it was a challenge to do it.
But to be absolutely honest, this was the first time ever that i actually questioned whether there really are problems with violence in games. I would very much like that article not to stay uncommented on RPS. As if it was some normal RPS article. As if it was the normal thing for players of video games to get so high on, as he himself keeps calling it, torturing new and helpless players that we brag about it on a page like this.
It bothers me that a random reader could stumble upon that article and think this was just a normal game diary. The thing we consider normal and apealing. Because i sure do not consider such cruelty against other players, far away from any challenge or competition to be normal.
Sorry for my rage.
If it's GTA5, it's torture.
Since DayZ is indie, gets a free pass.