I was talking about the original mod since I think that is where you can see the creator's original intentions and how much responsibility they have over the existence of cruelty in the game, and the fact that survival is only the premise, not the core of the experience. As said in the article, if anything their removal of the bandit/civilian distinction makes it even more dangerous to trust people. That is probably why they changed it.

There have been other, several-part articles about people who play DayZ in different ways, like this one. Here's the thing, have any of you actually played the game? Because I feel like you don't understand it at all. I have been killed mercilessly dozens of times, and it's never a psychologically damaging experience, nothing even close to middle school bullying. It's the whole "kill or be killed" any apocalypse media entails. Some people are dicks, other people aren't. Figuring out who is what and what you are is what is fun about the game. To you bandits might seem like school bullies, to most 'bambis' they feel like someone passing by in a Ferrari or bumping into you when walking down the street. Fresh spawns have nothing to lose, when they get killed they respawn, when they get hurt they can just kill themselves. There's no penalty for them. Having bandits being bandits means there's an antagonist, something to be wary of other than the piss poor AI zombies which are hardly anything more than a slight annoyance. Again, it's what makes the game what it is. You can disagree as much as you like and paint as many analogies as you wish, but it doesn't make it wrong.