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This is a lo-fi solution, but comment bans on RPS are generally down to email address or IP address restrictions. Do you have an alternative email address you can register with, perhaps?
Thanks for the suggestion, Jams. I had considered registering a new account - and I still might, if this situation goes unaddressed much longer. However, I've held off so far for a few reasons.

One, I'm pretty sure that the ban is a result of a mistake in moderation, and if I haven't done anything wrong, I'd prefer to keep to the moral high ground. Making a new account feels a little underhanded.

Two, if I did somehow violate the rules, I'd like to know what I did that caused offence. Otherwise, I might just end up making the same mistake again.

Three, I use this username for the majority of my social interaction with the gaming community, which includes mods that I've published. I'd prefer to stay consistent so that people can find and recognize me if they want to.

I do appreciate the helpful suggestion, though. I'm hoping it doesn't come down to that, but the way things seem to be going, it just might.