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    Quote Originally Posted by vinraith View Post
    god-awful gameplay complete with totally shit combat and classic adventure game "moon logic."
    What, the stealth parts get no mention? In my opinion they're by far the worst part of the game.

    I still love it, though, since the story, setting and characters are absolutely stellar. But I wish Tornquist turned the series into a comic book, animated film or a japanese-style barely-interactive visual novel.

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    Try looking for "stealth" on this page.

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    Dreamfall is a great game with some lousy compromises. My guess is that they needed to sell more copies than The Longest Journey which involved fulfilling various back-of-box checkmark criteria: analog controls, combat, stealth, and 3D. Seems to me these were all answers to questions no one asked.

    I still loved the game, though. It had mature, articulate writing intended for adults, as well as really stunning graphics. I highly recommend it, though not until you've finished The Longest Journey.

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