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    Metro: Last LIght

    just saw this as an ad on youtube and i find this... short movie really, to be actually very awesome.

    I never played 2033 myself as it is too demanding for my old pc. I did hear it was quite good.

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    Nvidia interview 4A and they claim that Last Light will be more optimized than 2033. I loved 2033 it scared the hell out of and the setting/story interested me. I'm kinda mad that the chosen ones, "they" or whatever those humanoid mutants are called aren't in Last light since the game is going to be based off the bad ending.

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    The bad ending is also the ending of the book, so yeah.

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    The first Metro had some of my favorite town type settlements in a game. Really alive considering they were rotting hovels in train stations (and considering they sometimes suffered from "NPC waits for you to get near before they begin talking" syndrome).

    Yay for being able to switch the spoken language to Ukrainian as well. English dub was not bad, but the fact you could switch it too its native language with subtitles was fantastic.

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